Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its about stars

My most recent piece after getting back into my studio after a 4 month hiatus turned out better than I was expecting. I had been using the star symbol in my work before the baby was born, but not to the extent that I did in my most recent work. The traditional symbol of a star with multiple points is a quite nice shape and with all the many connotations that accompany a it, a start can mean so many things. Thinking of all the places I see stars including the sky. I can not escape them. There are stars in the entertainment industry, in business, in athletics, in the military. They represent states and countries. And even have their place in religion. With all of these associations, stars are one of the most ambiguous and abstract complex shapes (it has a minimum of 10 sides with 5 points and 5 valleys) I can also forego the entire shape of a star and represent it as just a dot. It then becomes something different while still representing a star. When a star becomes a dot, it becomes a point, and as such becomes even more ambiguous. I think I can play with the concept of stars for a while.


Bill Donovan said...

ancient crowns, with the points sticking up like triangles, were meant to represent the rays of the sun. And were used to associate the king with the sun. The sun is a star. Maybe that is helpful.

I liked this post.

Keep drawing.

Jonas Olson said...

Thanks Bill, I appreciate your comments. They help me to keep the blog going in relation to my art and for that matter give me a push to keep finding ways to find the time to make the art.

Danielle said...

hi jonas.
check out the link "secret levels" on my site. two of my students started doing a little collage or drawing everyday, dan attoe style, and post it on their blog. i think it's pretty interesting because the way a blog just naturally catalogs and organizes things, it can act as a record for your thoughts for that month or week... like if one month you were really into zombies or something. they just started it, but i'd like to see how it will evolve over a year or more. and the nature of working so quickly, just piecing things together seems really honest. something like that might be a way to keep the momentum going when you don't have the time to get to the studio.

R. Standfest said...

I like this piece Jonas. Images need to find their way out of us naturally. No sense in forcing it. You could die of strain that way. But when it does come naturally, it's because there is so much built up, it has to find it's way out. Jesus, it sounds like I'm talking about constipation-related issues. Anyway, my guess is that marriage, a wonderful child, and life in NYC will create a fantastic reservoir of moods and ideas that will eventually find their way out. In the meantime, this drawing feels right to me.


Jonas Olson said...

Thanks Mr Standfest. I will put a link to your website on my blog.