Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I thought this image was appropriate for the start of 2009. It is another work that is part of the star theme I have been into for a while. It has a large element of randomness in the process in the way the piece was laid out. For example, I placed random 'dots' on the paper with pen and pencil until I liked the placement and groupings that were created with these points. I then let it 'rest' for a couple of days. I knew there was more that I wanted to do with it because it didn't feel finished and when I got back to my studio a couple of days later I decided that I wanted to fill up the page with markers so I started adding five lines from each point. It reminded me of stars and also of the way fireworks start from the center and work their way outward.

I would also like to mention the use of markers as opposed to paint for this work and many other works i have been making in my series. Don't get me wrong I love paint and what I can make with it but I have been falling in love with the way everyday office materials make marks. The pencil is a regular sight on a desk and is such a versatile tool and has been used for so many different things. The ballpoint ben becomes a little more difficult to manipulate but there is a quality to the way it presses on the paper and the way the ink is released that allows for slight variations even with the same amount of pressure being applied to the mark. I also am infatuated with the way markers are absorbed by the paper. The ink doesn't just sit on the surface but becomes part of the paper and eventually the marker dries up but it still creates a beautiful mark.

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Bill Donovan said...

This looks like it has some energy to it. One thing I think you could explore very effectively while working like this is space. Some stars could sit back, and some could come forward. That would look pretty cool.

Have you ever checked out Ross Bleckner's watercolors? You would like them I think.

I am in love with Sharpie Paint markers. They have a couple of sets of colors, one is more pastel and called poster paint, and the other is normal sharpie colors.