Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Big Obelisk is coming to Queens Museum

I have just finished getting all the angles right for the top of my obelisk that will be shown at the queens museum. I still have to work out all of the angles for the obelisk but this pyramid is done. It is the same dimension as the pyramids of the big egyptian ones and will sit on top of the obelisk. This is a pretty stressful project because I know it will be seen by a lot of people and I want it to work out. I am running out of time to work all of the kink out but I know it will get finished. It has to. It really feels good to finish this part of the piece because it was the most complex part for me. I learned a lot or building this or it may be that calculating angles has come back after I thought I forgot how to do basic geometry. Whatever the case I will be building a quarter scale model of the obelisk to make sure I have it right before building the 14 footer. With the pyramid on top the whole sculpture will be about 16 ft tall.

On the note of sculpture, I will have it be known that this is the first piece I have ever made. It is amazing to me how a person like myself who has never considered sculpture an option will be in my first proper NY show with one.


Bill Donovan said...

awesome. it is hard to build stuff from wood with complicated angles like that. looks good

Jonas Olson said...

Thanks Bill, i will keep the progress updated so every one can see it from start to finish. I will be working on a scale model of the obelisk today to make sure all of the angles are right.

Bill Donovan said...

nice, I will read the other post now.