Friday, January 23, 2009

The Obelisk is Finished

After a lot of hard work the sculpture for the Queens Museum is finished. Carol and I are happy with the results and found out what is is like to build and instal a large work while having to take care of a baby at the same time. Dante was with us during the entire installation and required as much if not more attention that what we were putting into the sculpture. So, it was a good thing that we had a little over a week to instal the work because we needed it.
I was very happy I took so much time in the early stages to really plan out exactly how I was going to design and build the structure. There were many drawings done on post-its, napkins and any paper that was handy when I got an idea of how it should be constructed. At the same time the sketches were coming, foam core models were being built while I had free time at work. These models proved to be some of the best ways for me to realize the basic proportions that the obelisk would take. Once the form was down the materials were decided on. 2x4s were finally chosen as the foundation for the structure. One the materials were chosen, the scale models were built to insure the structure would be sound. I was thinking that once the full scale piece was built, I would have to reinforce it with crossbeams but the design turned out to be more sturdy than expected and we were able to keep the sides free from extra lines.
I will post more about the different elements when I have detail photos. Until then I hope you can make it out to The Queens Museum to see the work.

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