Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scale Model

My scale model of the obelisk is done. I had to make a couple of them in order to get all of the pieces to fit together right but I am real happy that I took the time to work out the angles at home instead if during the installation. I was able to fine tune the work and will be better able to handle the problems that may occur while constructing the full size one.
In the picture there is the pyramid in the background that is at full scale and will sit on top of the obelisk. The model obelisk is 3.5 ft tall and will be 14 ft tall in full scale. With the pyramid on top the whole structure will be a little over 16 ft tall. The plan is to leave the construction elements visible with two of the sides covered in drywall from the inside so that the wood elements remain visible on the outside. There will be no cross beams for support but will rely in the two solid walls to remain upright. The base will have drywall all around two feet from the bottom and will be filled with a heavy material to keep it from tipping over.


Bill Donovan said...

There are ancient Egyptian versions of these in Rome. The Romans took them from the Egyptians. They are very strange and interesting. I saw them on my honeymoon. I always wondered if they were used as sun dials to tell time (before clocks).

The construction sounds good.

Jonas Olson said...

There are a few of the egyptian obelisks all around the world. Every empire seems to have taken at least one. The closest one to us is in central park.

Britta said...

obelisks are exciting!